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Psychologist Biographies

John W. Rosado, Jr. M.Ed., PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 2063
Dr. John W. Rosado, Jr., is a New Jersey-licensed psychologist who also holds certifications in School Psychology, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, as well as provides child custody and divorce mediation services.

Dr. Rosado's services, clinical experiences, and knowledge base are in adolescent psychotherapy, children of divorce, marriage counseling, family therapy, the psychology of co-parenting, adult and teenage depression, court-ordered child custody evaluations, parent coordination, and parenting skills training, as well as in Guardian Ad Litem work.

His professional services have been rendered in a community health center, suburban and urban schools, a juvenile correctional system, and in a private special educational facility. As a senior partner, Dr. John W. Rosado, Jr., with more than 26 years of experience, works full-time as a private clinician with the Freehold Psychology Group.

John W. Rosado, Jr. M.Ed., PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 2063, Counseling Center in Freehold, NJ

Cynthia A. Mulligan, PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 2889
As a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in Freehold, New Jersey, since 1992, Cynthia's caseload includes adolescents, adults, and seniors in individual, couples, and family therapy. Her clinical orientation is cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, which focuses on resolution of problems in the here and now in a time-sensitive format.

Cynthia's areas of clinical specialization include women's issues, anxiety spectrum disorders, clinical depression, serious mental illness, resolution of marital discord and adjustment to external life stressors. These include resolution of family stressors, adjustment to retirement and aging, as well as young adults transitioning to independent living.

Cynthia A. Mulligan, PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 2889, Counseling Center in Freehold, NJ

Elizabeth E. Epstein, PhD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 3254
Elizabeth is a licensed psychologist with years of experience treating a range of problems relating to alcohol and drug use problems, depression, anxiety, gambling, life stress issues, divorce, and loss. She also sees people to discuss how to enhance their well-being and reach their potential for happiness in life and in relationships. Her goal is to provide a personalized approach as she works with you in a collaborative manner to understand your problems, issues, regrets, and strengths, in addition to helping you feel better and more in control of your life so that you can attain your dreams and potential.

Elizabeth typically uses an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral approach that is tailored to meet your needs in a way that will be helpful to you. She provides individual, family, couple, and group therapy to adolescents and adults at every phase of their lifespan. She obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1989, and she is currently a professor at Rutgers University with special expertise in the assessment and treatment of addictive disorders and related emotional distress, as well as in women's issues and couples' therapy. 

Elizabeth has been developing and testing evidence-based treatments for psychological problems, primarily addiction, since 1989, and she has written a textbook on addiction, as well as co-authored four therapist manuals and patient workbooks on cognitive-behavioral treatment for addiction. Elizabeth has taught countless graduate students to do psychotherapy and has lectured and published widely in this area since 1989.

She has also taught graduate level courses at Rutgers on Lifespan Development, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Adult Psychopathology, and Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. At our private practice in Freehold, New Jersey, she applies her years of expertise to help you understand and eliminate obstacles in your path to relief, well-being, and optimal potential.

Elizabeth E. Epstein, PhD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 3254, Counseling Center in Freehold, NJ
James W. Langenbucher, PhD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 3248
After receiving his PhD in clinical psychology, in 1987, Dr. Langenbucher joined the faculty at Rutgers University, where he teaches at the graduate level. Dr. Langenbucher joined the staff of associates at Freehold Psychology Group in 2009. He specializes in the treatment of adults and adolescents with substance use problems, depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, and marital and family relationship problems, as well as older adults with problems of grief, loss, and cognitive decline.
Christine Adkins-Hutchison, PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 3819
Christine provides individuals, couples', and family counseling for a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues in Freehold, New Jersey. She works with adolescents, young adults, and adults alike. Issues addressed in counseling include, anxiety, depression, women's issues, grief, and loss, and she has a particular specialty and interest in the area of multiculturalism and diversity.
Christine Adkins-Hutchison, PsyD, New Jersey-Licensed Psychologist 3819, Counseling Center in Freehold, NJ
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